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The Mission

Being Afro Latina is bigger than a movement or a trend, it’s belonging to a community that is diverse in culture and rich in pride. Yo Soy AfroLatina is a brand that was beautifully conceptualized due to the lack of representation and the need for education. This brand seeks to bring awareness on the Black Diaspora within Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Story

Growing up in the Midwest there was very few representations of Latinos. I always felt somewhat disconnected from the Latino community despite my mom’s best efforts to educate me on my Mexican American heritage. While I culturally identified with being Latina, my lack of knowledge and pure ignorance led me to feel as though I wasn’t Latina enough because I didn’t resemble those that possessed more Spanish-European features.

It wasn’t until 2010 when I was first exposed to Afro Latinas during my first trip to Mexico. I vividly remember being so excited to see people who looked just like me. Yet, it wasn’t until I moved to NYC in 2015 when I began to truly understand what it meant to be Afro Latina. That initial move to New York and my encounters with various ethnicities, dialects, foods and cultural traditions sparked a fire inside of me. I became hungry to learn more about the Black Diaspora within Latin America and the Caribbean.

My hope is to create a community with Yo Soy AfroLatina; that promotes the visibility of the Black Diaspora within Latin America and the Caribbean, spreads love to fellow Afro Latinas and celebrates our beautifully diverse culture.